Who Rocked It Better: Khanya Or Jessica?

Jessica Nkosi jumpsuit

B*tch Stole My Look! Khanya Vs Jessica: Who Wore It Best?!

These two friendly actresses got bodies for days and often look great in anything. They were both spotted rocking the same Khosi Nkosi jumpsuit, it all came down to styling.

Check out the photos below and share who rocked the jumpsuit better.

Jessica Nkosi wore hers earlier this year.

Jessica Nkosi wore hers earlier this year

Jessica Nkosi jumpsuit

Khanya Mkangisa in hers a few weeks ago

Khanya Mkangisa jumpsuit

We love how they both have the same hair color in these photos. We love it on both stars but the black on Jessica looks better and that choker on Khanya makes it look too busy. You know we have to ask, who rocked it better?

jumpsuit mzansi pics

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