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Veteran Afro-Pop Singer Robbie Malinga Dies At 47yrs

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Robbie Malinga Is Dead At 47yrs.

With A Heart Filled With Sorrow, Mizikisa regret to Anounce the sad news of passing away of veteran South African musician Robbie Malinga who died at 47yrs old.

The news of the Afro-pop singer has saddened many as it was confirmed that he passed on today, 25 December.

His close friend and musician, Ringo Madlingozi also confirmed the passing of Robbie Malinga on his Instagram page.

According to reports Robbie Malinga‘s manager confirmed the passing of the Afro Pop singer after a family meeting was held.

The late singer recently opened up about his illness in an interview with the Sowetan. He mentioned that he learned of his illness in December last year and was frightened.

“I was scared for my kids, man. My kids are so spoilt; I make sure that I do everything for them. My wife as well, she’s still young to have her husband die…my fans. It was scary but I am a strong person, I am a believer,” he told the publication.

Speaking about what was described as “a life-threatening disease,”  Malinga revealed that he was officially diagnosed last December.

“I had just come back from France and I was scared. You know how doctors are, they would scare you, ‘if you don’t do this or that’ and ‘let’s buy time’ those terms they use … so I asked, ‘why are we buying time, am I dying?'” explained the star.

What a sad way to end off Christmas. Rest In Peace Robbie Malinga.

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