This Is How Apple’s Wireless Charging Really Works

Are You Still Wondering About How Apple’s Wireless Charging Really Work? Don’t Worry, We Will Explain It.

New Devices were unveiled by Apple earlier this week and among those new techs, was “Airpower” their wireless charging pad .

The charging pad works on latest iPhone (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) , Apple Watch, and The AirPods.

What is wireless charging?
Charging a device wirelessly means you don’t need a cable charger/ to plug it into a cable to fill up your battery. As mentioned above you place your device on top of the AirPower pad and it will start charging. The pad will then transfer power to the device.

The Wireless Power Consortium has established the Qi protocol, which dictates how the charger and the device work together, but all you need to know is that Qi chargers work with Qi devices.

How does the AirPower work?
Place the AirPower pad on your desk or wherever you like to charge your devices. Then plug it into a power outlet. To charge your device, just place it on the mat, with front facing up. That’s it.

To get a little but more technical, AirPower uses induction, where an electromagnetic field is used to transfer power from (in this case) the AirPower to a device. When you place your device on the AirPower, it receives a signal from the pad to basically ‘handshake” with the device (checks for compatibility, charge capacity, etc). If everything checks out, charging proceeds.

Can my iPhone work with AirPower?
Only three iPhones work with AirPower: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. These iPhones not only have glass backs (as opposed to the aluminum backs of the iPhone 6 and 7), but they also have the hardware support to charge wirelessly.

Can my iPad work with AirPower?
The current iPads (as of September 2017) are not compatible with AirPower. It seems as though a glass back is required, and a glass back as big as one for the iPad would be expensive, heavy, and perhaps too fragile to use.

Can my Apple Watch work with AirPower?
AirPower works with the new series 3 Apple Watch. It does not work with older Apple Watches.

Can my MacBook laptop work with AirPower?
No. AirPower is designed to work with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and the new AirPods case.

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