These 13 Creatures Actually Exist…… With Proof!

© Betty Wills (Atsme)

The animal kingdom is packed with magical creatures. Still, sometimes Mother Nature likes to play around with it, so much so that she can present some weirdly insane species that are hard for us humans to believe really exist.

The Buzz Life invite you to have a look at our list of 13 fantastic animals that definitely contribute to the spectacular beauty and diversity of our planet.

1. The Angora Rabbit

© hvuseen

What appears to be a giant cotton candy is, in fact, an Angora rabbit, a domestic rabbit breed raised for its long fine wool. Its fur is usually removed by shearing a couple of times a year.

2. The Ankole-Watusi

© beckstei

The Ankole-Watusi, often called the Ankole Longhorn, is a variety of cattle mostly known for its enormous antlers. CT Woodie, the record-holder bull, boasts a horn with a circumference of 40.7 inches (103.5 cm).

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