These 10 Simple Looking Creatures Are Actually Very Dangerous

Researchers will always discover new creatures some which maybe good looking and some that are not that good to really look at. But what is fascinating about these creatures that are been seen or discovered nowadays is that almost all of them are deadly and dangerous but really look simple and very cute to play with or touch. But the truth is that, if they don’t kill human they kill our live stock.

Today The Buzz Lifes shows You 10 cute but not so cute creatures you may or may have not seen, some of them that we will be showing you are cute, lovely, and beautiful, while some are so ugly that you would not want to see them in your dreams.

10 The Poodle Moth


We all have seen or hear of moth before, nowadays kid’s mistake moth for beautify. You will agree with me that this moth is cute and fluffy too. But it doesn’t mean that this moth is not dangerous and can’t harm you that I can’t say, but still be careful of this Moth.

9 The Lonomia Caterpillar


Many people know that a caterpillar will transform into a beautiful beautifly and kids love beautifies. But this Caterpillar does the opposite of what other caterpillar does. This caterpillar may look more cute and beautiful from other caterpillars you have seen, but this one is really poisonous, when I mean poisonous, highly poisonous, if you come in contact with it or you get any closer to it, the caterpillar feels treatise and shoot out its spikes at you. So take my advice stay very far from it.

8 The Atlantic Wolffish


Many people say and believe that Atlantic a beautiful city under the deep oceans doesn’t exist. Well look at this fish Atlantic really exist. This fish has his own second name as many of us do, the fish is also called the devils fish. That’s a really bad name for a fish I will say personally, who and why will they name this fish the devils fish, God created all fishes under the sea.

7 The Black Mamba


We all know about snakes that they are deadly and not friendly to humans. Well this snake is one of the most deadliest snakes and it doesn’t always comes out from its shadow. This snake is harm to find, but it doesn’t mean you should go looking for it, take my words for it after the King of all snakes which is the cobra, the black mamba is the second to it.

6 The Giant Marine Isopod


Now this is something to talk about, tell me have you ever seen any good look creature like this? This creature is good looking I will say personally. Who have watched “Men In Black”? Well I know I have this creature look exactly like the aliens in the movie.

5 The Sheepshead Fish


This fish is in so many ways wrong and a crime against nature, this is the fish they were supposed to name the devils fish. Now tell me how can a fish have teeth’s just like the teeths we have. The Bible said God created us in his own image and here is a fish having the same teeth as we do.

4 The Wrinkled Face Bat


You may have read one of our post about plastic surgery gone wrong. This bat looks like some celebrities that did plastic surgery on their face and it just expired. Waking up in the morning and you see something will this what will you do? Personally for me I will go back to sleep and tell myself that am still dreaming.

3 The Goliath Bird eating Spider


We all can guess from the name of this spider what it really does. I will say this spider is just proving wicked, how can it eat birds, now that is so much wrong in many ways, I thought spiders were suppose to eat bugs and all that!

2 The Lamprey


Now this sea creature beats the Barracuda when it came to having teeth’s. This creature has teeth’s just like a grading machine. What you don’t know about this sea creature is that its very venomous and also cause great tissue damage if it bite’s you. Just take a good look at this picture you can see many other teeth’s inside its throat.

1 The Candiru


Now this guy is the winner for today. This little guy may seen harmless, but this fish can cause a very big damage to your life. If you know more about this fish then swimming in South American Rivers will be a problem to you. This fish is attracted to the smell of urine and it also swims inside your private parts. If this fish get through you with your private part there is no way of removing it and if makes your Mr. John (penis) useless.

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