These 10 Secrets Are Hidden Inside the Logos of Hollywood Film Studios

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We’ve been familiar with these logos since we were kids, but few of us have ever thought about what they might signify.

The Buzz Life has picked out the most interesting stories that reveal how some of Hollywood’s most famous movie studios created their logos.

1. DreamWorks Pictures

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The logo for DreamWorks was originally meant to show a man sitting on the Moon fishing. The artist commissioned to draw it, Robert Hunt, decided to do an additional version with a child instead of a man. This was the one that was chosen in the end. Incidentally, Hunt based his image of the boy in the logo on his son, William, who became a composer and now works in the music industry.

2. Columbia Pictures

© ColumbiaPictures © KathyAnderson

The woman holding a burning torch became the logo of Columbia Pictures in 1924. Interestingly, there was never a single model upon whom the image was based. Instead, it emerged from a combination of different ones. The most recent version, dating from 1992, is based on an image of an ordinary American housewife, Jennie Joseph, although her facial features were significantly altered for the final picture.

3. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer


The idea for the MGM logo came from Howard Dietz in 1924. His alma mater — Columbia University — had a sports team called “The Lions.”

Since then, MGM has featured five different lions on its logo: Slats, Jackie, Tanner, George, and Leo. The last is their current star.

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