See Virgin Mobile USSD Codes in South Africa

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Virgin Mobile USSD Codes in South Africa.

If you’re a prepaid user on one of South Africa‘s mobile phone networks, chances are that you use a USSD code every day. Whenever you check your airtime, load more airtime or request a call from someone who has more airtime than you, you’re using a USSD code. Often, you’ll remember these as some of the most used codes, but there are a few you might not know exist.

Below, we take a look at some of the USSD codes you really should remember, as well as their functions, for the biggest networks in South Africa.

Note: we’ll be sure to add more codes to this list

Access master menus:

Virgin Mobile – *100#

Check airtime balance:
Virgin Mobile – *101#

Load airtime to your account:
Virgin Mobile – *102*recharge PIN#

Request your own number:
Virgin Mobile – *103*2#

Request airtime from another user:
Virgin Mobile – *106#

Transfer airtime to another user:
Virgin Mobile – *106#

Request a call from another user:

Virgin Mobile – *125*mobile number#


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