See The Top 10 Terrifying But Fascinating Illegal Drugs

Photo credit: Emanuele Satolli

Drugs. You’ve probably heard that word a lot. From a very early age, we’re taught that drugs are evil and that one experience will get you addicted and ruin your life in a matter of seconds. Later, depending on what media you’re consuming, the messages become more mixed.

Just as varied are the types of drugs out there. Some are extremely dangerous, some are straight-up weird, and some are absolutely disgusting. The drugs listed below are among the most fascinating.

10. Krokodil

Photo credit: Emanuele Satolli

Unfortunately, the drug known as krokodil (desomorphine) doesn’t turn you into a half-reptile, half-man supervillain. Rather, its effects are much more gruesome and unbelievable than most street drugs.

Originating in Russia in 1932, krokodil was an experimental morphine alternative. The drug was commercially produced but quickly discontinued due to it being highly addictive. Krokodil reemerged in 2002 as a recreational drug in Siberia and quickly spread throughout Russia. It was extremely potent and cheap. Costing less than heroin, krokodil can be cooked in a kitchen by combining codeine with gasoline, oil, paint thinner, or alcohol. Due to the drug only taking 30 minutes to make, a krokodil addict does little other than gathering the ingredients and concocting the substance.

The drug gets its name from its horrifying effects. Krokodil leaves the user’s skin green, bumpy, and scaly—similar to, you guessed it, a crocodile. Often times, if the addict misses the vein, his skin will begin to rot off entirely, leaving nothing but the exposed bone. Unfortunately for krokodil addicts, the withdrawal is much worse than heroin’s. While heroin withdrawal only takes about ten days, krokodil results in an entire month of excruciating pain. Due to its extreme addictiveness and gruesome effects, the life expectancy of an average user would only be just a year or two.

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