See The 5 Best Free Instagram And Youtube Video Downloaders

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Since 2013, Instagrammers have been able to upload short video clips alongside their retro-filtered photos, but if you see one you love there’s no way to save it within the official app. That’s why you need a dedicated Instagram video downloader.

There are far fewer video downloaders for Instagram than there are for YouTube, and the quality varies enormously, so we’ve rounded up the very best. Some are desktop software, while others are web-based, but all will help you grab the clips you want quickly and easily.

Make sure you get permission from the account holder before downloading videos from Instagram. Here, we’ll be grabbing our own clips from the Samiziki Instagram feed.

5. 4K Stogram

See The 5 Best Free Instagram And Youtube Video Downloaders

Download whole Instagram channels with just a couple of clicks

4K Stogram is a brilliant free Instagram video downloader for Windows, macOS and Linux. Unlike most Instagram video downloaders, which rely on you manually copying and pasting an URL from your web browser, 4K Stogram can find videos and still images for you using a username, hashtag or location. Just type it in, tap [Enter], and a list of photos and videos will be displayed and downloaded without any further input from you. 4K Stogram will keep going until it’s grabbed everything matching your search term, or you click the ‘Stop update’ button on the top right.

You can link 4K Stogram directly to your own Instagram account so it automatically downloads all the images you post, and upgrading to the paid version lets you follow multiple accounts.

You can even subscribe to all the accounts you’re following on Instagram, but this would result in thousands of photos and videos pouring onto your hard drive, so it’s probably best to give it a miss

4K Stogram is a truly remarkable tool – the best free Instagram video downloader by miles.

Download here: 4K Stogram 

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