See The 10 Most Deadliest Plagues In History Of Man


There are a lot of instances in history that are so spine chilling that it makes you realize how lucky you are to have been born at this time. Some of the worst time that you could have been born was the times when mankind was reeling from war or plagues.

In this post, as a reminder of better times, The Buzz Lifes are listing down the 10 worst plagues in the history of mankind. Brace yourself.

10. Moscow Plague (1770)


It was a bubonic plague epidemic that had its origin in the Moldovan theater of the 1768–1774 Russian-Turkish war. After having discovered the existence of the plague, the government did not make the news public until a Russian-Finnish surgeon reported about it and the quarantine on the troops who had contracted the disease was enforced. The threat of the plagues peaked in 1771, killing thousands of people in a single day causing riots because the government was failing to control the situation.

9. Antonine Plague (165 AD)


It originated from the Roman Empire by troops who had returned from campaigns in the Near East. Today historians think the plague would either have been smallpox or measles. The epidemic ended up killing a whole lot of important people including Roman emperor, Lucius Verus, co-regent of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. The plague came and went, and returned again five years later. In the end, it had taken some five million lives and had left the Roman army in a complete mess. It is probably worth mentioning here that the plague had an incredible impact on Roman culture as well as literature.

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