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We covered about some of the most beautiful Asia women in the world, gorgeous women of America, and now we have come up with a list of hottest Chinese actress. Anyone who follows Chinese film/celebrity industry would know these faces. If not then this is a great time to get to know a handful of beautiful Chinese women. Here The Buzz Lifes Brings You The Top Beautiful Chinese Actresses You Really Need To Know.

10. Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress, producer, and singer. She rose to prominence after appearing on the hit TV show called My Fair Princess in the 90s. Bingbing was critically praised and was awarded the Hundred Flowers Award for her role in the 2003 film Cell Phone. Some of her other popular works include Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain, I Am Not Madame Bovary, etc. In 2013, she topped the list of 100 Forbes Chinese Celebrities. Bingbing ranks number ten in our list of hottest Chinese actress.

9. Zhang Zilin


She was crowned as Miss China World in 2007 and Miss world later the same year. Zilin today is a popular actress, model, and singer. She is one of the most beautiful Chinese women you’ll ever see. Zilin made her debut into the film industry with the 2011 film The Underdog Knight 2. She is one of the singers of the 2008 Summer Olympics soundtrack. Another work for which she is very well known is the 2014 Hing Kong film The Monkey King.

8. Li Bingbing


Bingbing has had a good career and has a number of good films to flaunt like Seventeen Years and A World Without Thieves – for which she was critically acclaimed. She has appeared in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, and even in Hollywood blockbusters like Resident Evil: Retribution and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Besides being one of the hottest Chinese actress, Bingbing is also a singer and activist.

7. Fei


Born as Wang Feifei, she is a singer, model, presenter and one of the hottest Chinese actress. She rose to prominence, after making debut with her girl group in 2010. Besides performing with the group, Fei has done solo shows, and one of the shows that made very popular among common folks is the Variety Blue Chip in the year 2013. Since then she has appeared in a number of shows as well as dramas.

6. Zhao Wei


Probably one of the most well-known Chinese actress, Wei is also a singer, director, and producer. One of the hottest Chinese actress and the most popular. Wei is also one of the highest paid actresses in her country. She rose to prominence after appearing in the hit TV series My Fair Princess. Her directorial debut So Young was a huge box office success becoming one of the highest grossing film in China; making her the first female director to break into the 100 million yuan.

5. Gao Yuanyuan


Yuanyuanis is a Chinese actress and she is often called “National Goddess” thanks to her extraordinary beauty and acting skills. Unlike most another Chinese actress, she did not graduate from drama school and really started her career doing commercials. One of the hottest Chinses actress, Gao is known for works like City of Life and Death, Chen Kaige’s Caught in the Web, Nicholas Tse’s But Always, etc.

4. Liu Yifei


Known as “Fairy Sister” in the industry, Yifei is one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses because of her sweet demure. Yifei is often referred to as the New Four Dan Actresses. She one of the most bankable young actresses in China. Yifei is known for works like The Forbidden Kingdom, A Chinese Ghost Story, For Love or Money, etc.

3. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang-Zilin Zhang Yuqi

Also sometimes referred to as Kitty Zhang, she rose to prominence after appearing in the 2008 Hong Kong-Chinese science fiction comedy-drama film CJ7. One of the hottest Chinese actress, some of her other well-known works includes All About Women, The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman, Lost in the Pacific and The Mermaid.

2. Gong Li


The Chinese actress rose to international fame after having appeared in films like Farewell My Concubine and Hollywood blockbuster like Memoirs of a Geisha. Li took her first acting role in the 2016 film, The Monkey King 2. She is regarded as one of the few actors who helped make Chinese films popular in United Stated and European countries. It’s worth noting that Li was once voted as one of the most beautiful women in China.

1. Victoria Song


Her original name is Song Qian. Song is an actress, singer, dancer and works in both China and South Korea. She became known to the public thanks to her girl group called f(x). Song later appeared in We Got Married Season 2 and Invincible Youth and became even more famous. Today the actress is considered as one of the most beautiful celebrities; back in 2014, she even won “2014 Goddess of Asia” poll.

Who is your favorite among these hottest Chinese actress? Feel like someone should have been on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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