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See Babes Wodumo’s Many Mistakes In 2017

See Babes Wodumo's Many Mistakes In 2017

See Many Issues Encountered By Babes Wodumo’s In 2017.

Babes Wodumo is among South Africa’s most popular music artists.  Earlier, the 23-year-old Star was the biggest in the country but after a couple of mishaps from her and her team, it seems like the public has gotten over her.

In 2017, the star was embroiled in a lot of scandals, from missing gigs, to missing international awards, Babes became the laughing stock of the entertainment industry. Here are some of the more memorable unfortunate moments.

See Babes Wodumo's Many Mistakes In 2017

A few months ago,  Babes was nominated for an International BET Award but she did not secure her travel visa on time to travel to the United States for the 2017 BET Awards which were held on Monday, 25 June, she watched them on TV like rest of us.

As if that was not enough for one person, a couple of months later, the singer went on a rant because she did not win any awards at the South African Music Awards, she went as far as claiming that the.

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Another moment that left us confused was when she mentioned that she’ll be shooting her latest reality show which is set to air in November but the channel which was “supposed” to air the reality show denied knowing anything about it.

Do you guys remember the time she joined a PR agency but left them a few weeks later because of disagreements?

See Babes Wodumo's Many Mistakes In 2017

Just a few weeks ago, she missed the MTV EMA’s because she wanted MTV Networks to pay for her trip to London.

There have been plenty of other questionable moments that happened this year and we hope that next year is a better year for her. Babes Wodumo is very likeable and she deserves a new team that is going to manage her career properly.


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