See 27 Celebrity Sex Dreams You’ll Be Glad You Didn’t Have

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We asked members of our facebook Community to share the weirdest sex dreams they’ve ever had.

And unsurprisingly, a lot of them involved celebrities. Here are just some of the celebrities sex dream cameos they have made.

1. Owen Wilson Sneeks In

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“This dream was so vivid… I was having sex with this guy I like and we were going at it for a while and then it got quiet and I heard a faint chuckle and a muffled ‘wooow,’ so I lifted up the blankets to find none other than Owen Wilson looking up at me and having a cheeky laugh, lmao. It’s been hard to take him seriously since.”



2. With Taylor Swift And A Leaked Sex Tape

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“I dreamt that I had sex with Taylor Swift and afterwards a sex tape leaked. I didn’t remember making a sex tape, but you know, dream logic. Anyway, then her lawyers showed up at my door to serve me papers, and one was Tom Hiddleston, and then they all wound up serving me, if you catch my drift.”



3. Unsatisfied John Krasinski From “The Office”

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“UGH, I was having sex with John Krasinski and it was great…until he kept looking into the ‘camera’ like he was on The Office. And he didn’t look very satisfied!!”


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