See 10 Unusual Houses People Actually Lived In

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people have been found living in unimaginable houses on many several occasions. Its easy for us to understand when a person lives in worst conditions due to poverty, but due to awkward personal inclinations there have also been a number of times where people chose unusual homes. Finally,some reside in odd places just to prove a point. Here The Buzz Life Brings You ten times human beings have been found living in unbelievable Abodes.

10. A Man Constructed An Underground Home In A Park

Photo credit: City of Fairfax Police

In 2015, a homeless man named Yosue Joel Rios was arrested in Fairfax, Virginia, for vandalism after he constructed an underground dwelling in a public park. Rios dug stairs that descended into two rooms. There was evidence that the man slept there and had apparently been educating himself. Rios was caught after a woman noticed the tunnel while she was walking the 20-acre park. Rios admitted to police that he dug the underground dwelling all by himself.

Following the discovery, the local public works department was called to fill in the tunnel. The discovery of Rios’s underground home came as a surprise to many. Most were used to seeing homeless people in tents or abandoned vehicles; no one imagined that a homeless person would have the industry, zeal, and imagination to construct an underground bunker.


9. Man Lives Inside A Retired Boeing 727

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Another amazing tale of a man living in an unusual residence is the case of Bruce Campbell (not of Evil Dead fame), a man who resides in a retired Boeing 727. His home is located deep in the Oregon woods outside the Portland suburbs. Campbell spends six months a year in his formerly aerial home. Bruce can afford a decent home but sees living in a Boeing 727 as a life goal and a vision realized. That vision is to save retired jetliners from becoming scrap metal by reusing them. Campbell is one of a small number of people worldwide who have transformed retired aircraft into a living space.

Aboard the plane, Campbell lives a modest life: He sleeps in a futon, bathes in a makeshift shower, and cooks with a microwave or toaster. Majority of his meals are canned food and cereal. Campbell’s tale is an extraordinary act of bravery, considering the fact that he sleeps at night, alone in a dense forest.


8. Japanese Man Arrested For Living In The Attic Of A Public Restroom For Three Years

Photo credit: Usuki Municipal Government

In April 2017, a Japanese man was arrested for living on the roof of a public restroom for three years. According to the Usuki-Tsukumi Police Station, Takashi Yamanouchi, age 54, was arrested on suspicion of trespassing. The day before, an electrician was doing maintenance on the facilities, saw him, and contacted authorities. Yamanouchi, however, made a creepy confession that he settled in the attic three years earlier, after a previous inhabitant moved out. He is believed to have accessed the space by using the walls of the toilet stalls to climb through a maintenance opening in the ceiling.

Police found at least 300 2-liter and 500-milliliter bottles filled with what appeared to be his urine, along with an electric heater, gas stove, clothing, and other items in the approximately 92-square-meter (990 ft2) space. Aside from the bottles of urine, the man was reported to have kept the attic neat and tidy. Yamanouchi’s feat prompted Usuki’s municipal authorities to search the spaces above all public restrooms in the city parks, but there was no evidence of any other interlopers.

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