Ifani Says F*ck You To Rashid Kay After He Exposed Him

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We Believe There Might Be Beef Stirring Up Between Rashid Kay And Ifani.

The ‘Shake’ Crooner got into the news when he went Gold the same day he released the 2nd Part  of ‘I Believes In Me’ but it quickly went towards the bad side after AKA exposed the fact that the rapper’s albums had been bought by a brand.

“2014 will be the MOST interesting year for SA Hiphop! • [not SAHHAs. I dislike dat sht] • it’s abt to get really exciting”

said iFani right before he fell off. Rashid quoted the tweet and gave advice to rappers,

“ATTENTION RAPPERS: Never talk shit when you think you’re on top of the game. 10 years later, we’ll still be here and you won’t” he explained.

This tweet did not sit well with iFani and he sent a ‘f*ck you reply’ to Rashid!

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