2Pac Might Still Be Alive: Suge Knight Believes

suge-knight-tupac mizikisa

Suge Knight revealed this information to Ice-T and Soledad O’Brien over the phone from the L.A. County jail in an upcoming FOX special “Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?”.

The special will air this Sunday, September 24 on FOX, so set your DVR’s now.

TMZ says they’re going to get Ice T’s reaction to Suge’s theory on Friday’s episode of TMZ Live. However knowing Fox’s ability to run with obscure stories and stretch the truth, this seems a little odd that only now Suge Knight is saying this about ‘2 Pac.

Plus, who knows if there’s any extra editing done by FOX to twist his words around, or if that’s even Suge’s voice on the phone at all. For all we know it could be someone who sounds just like him, but FOX is trying to make a special with it, along with a Biggie theory.

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